Welcome To Foodie Karma!

Karma basically is the law of causation. In Hinduism and Buddhism it is viewed as the sumof a person’s actions which follows as effect derived from cause.

We tend to think of karma when we look at the way we treat others. For example, when someone is unkind to us, we might think that there are negative consequences, karma, that the other might experience as a result of their negativity.

Karma, as it applies to food, can be viewed by the consequences, both positive and negative to the food we consume. When we put healthy food in, we experience the wonderful karma of this decision which might include energy, motivation, a positive self image, reduced stress, happier mood, restful sleep and happy check ups at the doctor. When we put unhealthy foods in our body, we experience the negative karma that comes from our decision in the form of consequences to our health, our self esteem , productivity and overall life satisfaction.

As a self proclaimed “foodie,” I LOVE food! There are few things I love more than getting into my kitchen and creating delicious meals for myself and my family. I do not like boring, bland and tasteless food. I enjoy food that is full of flavor and color and the kind that helps me feel more energetic on a warm day and comforted in the winter.  My own self journey towards living a life full of energy and vitality brought me to where I am now and I am excited to share recipes, ideas and resources to your in support of healthy and happy living!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome To Foodie Karma!

  1. I’m sitting at soccer practice reading Bon Appetit and your husband told me about your blog!!! It’s so awesome… Can’t wait to try done things! Love the graphic too…
    See you at a game soon.

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