Crispy Cauliflower

I absolutely love Buffalo wings but as I try to lighten it up I have found at making this scrumptious dish with cauliflower is almost just as good! The key is to have the cauliflower very very crispy so for this reason I like to serve the buffalo sauce on the side.


Cauliflower florets 

Rice flour

Soda water (plain sparkling water, club soda)

Sirracha 1tsp

Butter 2 Tbs

Franks Red Hot Wing Sauce 1 cup

Vegetable oil

In a bowl, set in ice water. Add rice flour (1cup) and club soda 3/4 c to 1 cup . You want it to look a little bit thicker than pancake batter. Wait for the bubbles to disappear from the carbonation. 

Heat oil to 350

Submerge each piece of cauliflower individually and fry until golden brown. Remove and season with salt .

To make the buffalo sauce, in a small sauce pan add the wing sauce, Sirracha and butter and cook until it just begins to boil and then put aside in a bowl for dipping.

If you don’t want buffalo sauce you can also dip in orange marmalade sauce or even an Asian sauce. Be creative!


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