Seed Crackers

I have played around quite a lot with this recipe and I finally think I have come up with a winning combo! 


1 1/2 Cup Hot Water

1/2 Cup Chia Seeds

1 Cup Peppitas (green pumpkin seeds, I like to use the roasted and salted seeds but raw work fine too)

1 Cup Sunflower Seeds (roasted and salted are more flavorful but you can use raw as well)

1/2 Cup Ground Flax Seeds (Can Use Whole)

1/2 Cup Raw Slivered Almonds

2 tsp. Salt

3 tsp. Herbs d’Provence

2 TBS. Nutritional Yeast

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and let sit for 10 min. Mix again and spread onto a large baking dish that is lined with parchment paper. Place in a 325 degree oven for 30 min. 

Remove from the oven and use a pizza cutter to slice horizontally and vertically into cracker side pieces. Flip the crackers over. Return to the oven for another 30 min. at 325 degrees.

**Do not eat until they are completely cooled off

*Cooks note: I like to transfer the crackers to a new baking sheet once I flip them. They sometimes stick a little to the parchment paper so this makes the 2nd half of the baking time go smoother. Also, when you flip the crackers, sprinkle with salt before returning to the oven.

*Crackers taste good on their own or even better with a nice scoop of hummus!



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